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Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet
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Magic carpet is a new means of transport for ski resorts and is symbolically called electrical conveyor for skiers. The magic carpet developed by ES consists of, among others, a propelling system, a circulating system, connectors, a conveyor belt and an electrical control cabinet. This installation has been widely used in many ski resorts with a large capacity, simple structure, easy maintenance, affordable cost, modular parts and beginner-friendly riding. 
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    (1)Innovation for a safe experience
    ① A smart embarkation and disembarkation alarming system is provided to ensure safety.
    ② Emergency stop switches on both ends of the magic carpet allow for stopping the conveyor in case of emergency.
    ③ IR switches make possible the automatic stop in 2 seconds when a rider slips.
    (2)Stable & dampened movement for a more comfortable experience
    ① The battens made of aluminum alloy are sturdy, durable and attractive.
    ② The speed of the conveyor belt is adjustable within the range between 0.6m and 1.2m per second to ensure stable movement and ultimate comfort.
    ③  A one-meter-thick layer of snow is laid down at the end of the carpet magic to make it ski-out.
    (3)Low energy consumption and noise reduction for a more environmental-friendly experience
    ① A disembarking rider sensor is equipped to allow the magic carpet to stop running automatically when there is no rider.
    ② The smooth stainless steel surface of rollers is smooth and helps to reduce energy consumption and noise.
    ③ Stable performance of variable-frequency speed adjustment and continuous and reliable operation ensure an extremely low failure rate.
    (4)Easy operation for a more convenient experience
    ① On-site installation and commissioning as well as free operation training are available
    ② A touch control screen for commissioning makes operation easier than ever.
Magic Carpet
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