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Chongqing's first large indoor ice and snow park [Chongqing SUNAC Snow World] begins to make snow

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2019-12-03 16:11
    Chongqing's first large-scale indoor ice and snow park-installation of refrigeration equipment and pipelines, installation of ski slope equipment and  pipelines, one-time mechanical and electrical installation of ski resorts, snow slopes, single-machine debugging of snow-making refrigeration equipment, exterior engineering ... It's all done. Today, it's time to make snow! Let the snow-capped, silver-clad elephants that Chongqing people are crazy about enter a new stage!
During snowmaking
During snowmaking
    Mingxing Ice & Snow participated in the construction of this project as a leading company in the domestic snow and ice industry. While serving as the general consultant for the process design of the ice and snow system, it has been providing project planning and design, snowmaking system deployment, equipment supply, and projects since the beginning of the project Technical guidance and support throughout the process. The Group's top design, technology and engineering construction team upholds the professional spirit and strength of excellence, and realizes the dream of intimate contact with ice and snow for this "fog capital"!
Chongqing Sunac Snow World
Chongqing Sunac Snow World
    Chongqing SUNAC Snow World is located in Chongqing SUNAC Cultural Tourism City, a world-class one-stop cultural and vacation resort with the highest investment, the largest scale, the best configuration, and a unique global composite format in the central and western regions. Has attracted much attention from all walks of life. On April 30, 2020, it will officially open business with many projects in the city.
Snow world interior
Snow world interior 2
Snow world interior
    It is reported that the project mainly plans entertainment snow areas and ski areas. Among them, the ski area covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters, has an intermediate slide with a length of about 160m, a width of about 30m, and a drop height of about 21m, and a primary slide with a length of about 105m, a width of about 25m, and a drop of about 8m, and the only online teaching in Chongqing at present. A ski school in a model; the entertainment snow area is 8,500 square meters, including the colorful ice world, snow circle slides, veneer practice area, and an ice lake. Penguin Island is the only one in China that can watch penguin performances up close in snow scenes. Project, and opened up a snow drift area to create the most realistic snow scene. Not only that, the snow world with the theme of an animal Christmas town, but also the joyful festive atmosphere is rendered by rich ice sculptures and lighting designs, allowing visitors to experience the world of Antarctica in this mountain city, and the four seasons are snowy.
Sunac Ski School
Sunac Ski School
    This is a snow and ice dream world with a total construction area of ​​25,000 square meters. It can accommodate about 1,400 people to participate in ice and snow sports at the same time. The temperature is maintained at -5 ° C all year round. You can feel comfortable body temperature and ensure the quality of snow and ice in the park. . And this extraordinary snow and ice experience will soon be achieved without the sixth-generation "Indoor Distributed Snowmaking System" independently developed by Ming Xing Snow and Snow, which is ahead of the international technology level. Technology to realize the simulation of natural snow, hardware facilities and snow quality conditions reach world-class professional sports standards.
Mingxing Ice Snow Blizzard ESB-A8 Indoor Snowmaker, Cooler and Other Equipment Installation Site
Indoor Snowmaking Machines Blizzard A & B, Cooler and Other Equipment Installation Site
Snow world workers construction
Snow world workers construction
    Of course, this is inseparable from the hard work of Ming Xing's ice and snow team around the clock. In order to ensure that the project is completed on time and quality, the team members take root in the front line of the project, steadily advance each work, and solve various on-site technical and construction problems at any time. Professional service has won high praise from the project party.
Mingxing Ice & Snow Global Business Distribution
Mingxing Ice & Snow Global Business Distribution
    From an unknown private enterprise to becoming a national high-tech group enterprise with 150 employees and multiple patents, ES. has always adhered to the spirit of artisans and gradually broke the international technology monopoly through continuous innovation. Now it has developed into a domestic indoor snow The only high-tech company in the field of technology and equipment, with a market share of more than 85%, has completed more than 100 projects at home and abroad, and the scale, technical difficulty and complexity of many projects undertaken have never been preceded globally.
    For a long time, Chongqing people who are "spicy, dry, and rivers and lakes" can even explode with snow seeds! Nowadays, Chongqing SUNAC Snow World directly snows, whether it is Chongqing people or tourists who come here, can enjoy the fun brought by ice and snow. As the contractor of Snow World, Ming Xing Ice and Snow is full of achievements, and will continue to actively respond to the country's call for vigorously promoting the ice and snow industry. With high-quality services, sustained efforts and innovation, it will continue to promote the development of China's ice and snow industry. Together with the industry and abroad to build the dream of a strong country!
    In the layout of Sunac Snow World, Ming Xing's “punch place” Harbin and Guangzhou have provided a stage for ice and snow lovers to enjoy. Chongqing SUNAC Snow World and Chengdu SUNAC Snow World will be completed in 2020. let us wait and see!


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