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ES. "Mobile Snow House" will debut at the 2019 (Shanghai) International Amusement Equipment Exhibition

Release time:
2019-06-17 17:44
    ES. to create a “mobile snow house” will debut 2019 (Shanghai) International Amusement Equipment Exhibition.
    The 2019 China (Shanghai) International Amusement Equipment Exhibition will be held from June 20th to June 23rd at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition brought together the world's top amusement equipment related institutions and enterprises.
    As a national high-tech enterprise in China's ice and snow industry, Mingxing Bingxue will bring a new project to the debut, stunning four, bringing visitors a different experience of ice and snow, exciting and continuous, bright spots.
    ES. Booth: Booth 8H-1F10
ES. Booth
    Heavy launch
    Create a real snow world and experience the ultimate snow experience
    With the continuous development of the domestic ice and snow industry and the ice and snow culture, ES. has created an “indoor and outdoor mobile snow house” according to the market demand, which allows the snow and ice scene to land indoors and outdoors.
    The "Mobile Snow House" will be unveiled at the show! The size of the snow house is 6m long × 3m wide × 2.9m high. The interior uses the Blizzard A8 indoor snow machine independently developed by ES., which perfectly creates the ice and snow experience in the 18m2 space.
    Mobile Snow House Introduction
    With advanced indoor snowmaking technology, Mingxing Bingxue has carefully created “indoor and outdoor mobile snow houses” to create a real snow world atmosphere, allowing customers to experience the snow scene. In order to let customers feel the real snow experience in the outdoor and indoor, after continuous technical research and development, combined with their mature snowmaking technology, the water and air are perfectly combined under minus three degrees, in the indoor and outdoor mobile snow house. The natural snow is formed inside and is regularly maintained by professionals to ensure the best user experience.
    ES. “Indoor and Outdoor Mobile Snow House” can provide users with a fascinating snow scene experience. The application scene can also be customized and free to switch the design style of the snow house. The conventional size of the snow house is 6m long×3m wide×2.9m high. It is flexible and easy to install, and has a wide range of applications. It can be used as a special decoration to create a snowy atmosphere and enhance the customer experience. It can also be used as a snow park to create a real snow scene, allowing users to experience the fun of snow and feel the ultimate ice and snow experience.
    Moving snow house interior
    The internal application scene of Mingxing Bingxue “Mobile Snow House” can be customized, and the design style can be switched freely according to customer needs. The snow house contains real snow, ski props, styling, snow toys, landscaping props, decorative props, etc., to create a different atmosphere, let customers feel the snow, and share the joy of snow with family and friends.
    Customized Snow House Series
    In order to meet different scenarios and customer needs, Mingxing Bingxue has also launched different types of “mobile snow houses”, and there are also customized versions. The size of the snow house can be customized according to the needs of the project, and the snow house suitable for the application scene can be created at will. At the same time, we also provide rental services for temporary sleighs for special occasions to help the brand use in the event.
    Application scenario
    Mingxing Bingxue “Mobile Snow House” can be flexibly applied to theme parks, commercial complexes and outdoor resorts, blending the elements of ice and snow into modern business, bringing consumers enjoyment and experience while also promoting the promotion effect. It can effectively attract customers and promote consumption, creating higher value for customers.
    Project description
    ES. "Indoor and outdoor mobile snow house" complete project integration system, packaging, technical services, according to the size of the snow house can play snow, viewing, ice sculpture, exhibition in one;
    The snow house can be 365 days all weather, movable, 360 degree full angle snow, the whole set of refrigeration, insulation, snow making technology is at the leading level in China.
    Mobile snow house effect
Mobile snow house effect
    Experience the snow and ice
    The core function of ES. "Indoor and Outdoor Mobile Snow House" is to let users experience the snow and enjoy the fun. Both adults and children can enjoy the fun of ice and snow in the real scene.
    Commercial beauty
    The mobile igloo is not only a place to experience, but also has a high appreciation value. It can be installed in indoor and outdoor places such as parks and shopping malls as an exhibition to enhance the aesthetics of its place, and at the same time serve as an interactive experience. Bring a whole new experience.
    Promote peripheral economic growth
    Designing and installing “Mobile Snow House” in commercial complexes will effectively attract customers, enhance differentiated marketing, and bring more experience to consumers, which will drive the popularity of the venue and promote sales.
    Focus on Mingxing, create a new era of ice and snow; create world-class ice and snow services; let more people fall in love with snow and ice!
    ES. - 8H-1F10 booth! Waiting for the presence of friends!
    We hope that through this exhibition, we will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the industry and jointly promote the development of the ice and snow industry!


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