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"Ice and Snow Wonderland" debut in Guangzhou 2019 Asia Paradise and Attractions Expo

Release time:
2019-05-07 15:28
    The 2019 Asia Paradise and Attractions Expo will be held from May 9th to May 11th at the China·Import and Export Fair Complex. The leading company in China's ice and snow industry, Ming Xingbing, a subsidiary of Mingxing Bingxue, will see you. Will be unveiled at the show.
    At that time, Mingxing will bring a new project to the debut, stunning the audience, bringing a different experience to the visitors, and jointly helping the new development of the ice industry and the entertainment industry. We sincerely invite people from all walks of life to visit and exchange!
    Mingxing Ice and Snow Booth
Mingxing Ice and Snow Booth
    Highlights on display
    1、The crystal ball "dream practitioners, stunning the romance of a city
Crystal Ice and Snow White
    For this exhibition, Ming Xingbing and Mingxing Qijian jointly created the “Crystal Ball” style miniature ice and snow experience hall and named it “Crystal Ice & Snow White”. “Crystal Ice and Snow White” is the original IP of Mingxing. The sixth generation of snow blower independently developed by Mingxing Ice and Snow is used internally to create an all-weather snow experience in 30m2+ space. It is bound to add a lot to the whole exhibition. Romantic color.
    “Ice and Snow Wonderland” is the exclusive IP of Mingxing. It is intended to embed the cultural theme into the ice and snow sports. The “ice and snow” background story and the vivid cartoon animation image run through the entire ice and snow entertainment industry chain, integrating sports and culture, and integrating sports and entertainment. At the same time, the theme IP will be promoted by means of film and television animation, and the brand effect will be promoted by culture to promote the brand chain, and the ice and snow entertainment industry will be supported by a strong cultural brand.
    2、Use the ice and snow VR panorama display to open the "online" ice and snow tour
ice and snow + VR intelligence
    At this exhibition, Mingxing successfully built a 720° all-round immersive “online” ice and snow tour with the international advanced VR panorama technology, creating a combination of “ice and snow + VR intelligence”. Customers will experience the VR panorama showcased by the classic ice and snow project built by Mingxing, from the world's largest indoor ski resort, Asia's first comprehensive indoor ice and snow theme parent-child paradise, to the national first-class sports and leisure features. The town allows the public to understand the planning and construction of the venue more intuitively, and feel the immersion in the charm of ice and snow.
    3、"Ice and Snow Wonderland" project sharing
    When you feel the romance of "Ice and Snow", the shock of VR ice and snow trip, don't forget to listen to Mingxing's project sharing, we will give you a comprehensive explanation of the creation of "Ice and Snow". It is a group of stories, an ice dance drama, an animation of a movie; it is also an experience, placed in the world of ice and snow, immersed in the shock of the five senses; it is a book, reading skills, responsibility, unity, Dedication...
    Mingxing Qijian Company
    Beijing Mingxing Qijian Sports Culture Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Mingxing Bingxue Group, a leading aircraft carrier of China's ice and snow sports. The company pioneered the concept of pan-entertainment ice and snow sports industry. The main purpose of the business is to reinterpret and integrate the ice and snow sports industry with a high degree of culture. With unique original IP as the guide, it integrates planning, design, construction, operation and service to provide customers with Complete full industry chain ice and snow sports entertainment solutions.
    Business Scope
    Development of cultural tourism and ice and snow projects: development of cultural tourism projects, design of ice and snow entertainment venues, project construction, professional facilities and production
    Design and development of Wenguang lighting image: lighting landscape and nightscape design, immersive interactive lighting entertainment design
    Cultural theme ideas: IP development, animation & film, ice and snow dance and performance show, IP derivative development
    Ice and snow culture market operation: ice and snow entertainment venue investment operation, operation management, ice and snow sports training, ice and snow events and performing arts show organization and operation, operation management and after-sales service
    It is believed that Mingxing Qijian can give full play to the leading edge of the parent company in terms of scale, professionalism and influence, and set a new blue ocean for the ice and snow sports and entertainment industry.


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