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Asia's first four-season cross-country ski resort officially put into use

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2019-03-28 17:46
    CCTV reports: Asia's first four-season cross-country ski resort officially put into use, the national cross-country ski team will enter training in April
    As the national key project for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, the first all-weather cross-country skiing training base in Asia, which was built by ES, has been popular in CCTV, Xinhua News Agency and People's Daily. The mainstream media and the community have paid close attention to it. Recently, the project has been officially put into use. The national teams of cross-country skiing, Nordic two, and biathlon will go to the ski resort for professional training in mid-April.
 All-weather Cross-country Ski Resort in North Mountain of Jilin City
    The world's first use of the original civil air defense room reconstruction and expansion, the project scale, technical difficulty are the world's leading level
    According to Liu Yijun, director of the Ice Sports Center of Jilin City, the Beishan Four Seasons Cross-country Ski Resort is the world's first world-class project using the original civil defense caverns. The total construction area is 25,244 square meters and the total use area is 19,425 square meters. The extension meter is 1.8 km.
All-weather Cross-country Ski Resort in North Mountain of Jilin City 2
    The project is divided into two phases. The first phase includes 1308 meters of indoor snow roads, 1616 meters of outdoor snow roads, and about 3,000 square meters of athletes' departure hall. The effective height of the indoor track is 4 meters, the maximum slope is 8 degrees, and the overall line is 1 /3 Uphill, 1/3 downhill, 1/3 flat slope, the difference between the lowest point and the highest point is 21.3 meters. In addition, the indoor snowway consists of a shooting range and a penalty circle. The length of the shooting range is 65 meters and the width is 12.75 meters. The total area is 830 square meters. The length of the penalty circle is 53 meters and the width is 30 meters. The total area is 1590 square meters. Meter. The indoor snow track is equipped with a u-shaped track, mainly for professional skiers to use ski skills. 
The second phase of the project includes indoor 500m viewing trails, 1,500 square meters of four seasons ice and snow experience pavilion and other supporting facilities, as well as athlete apartments.
All-weather Cross-country Ski Resort in North Mountain of Jilin City 3
    Mingxing provides a complete distributed snowmaking system, with a constant temperature of -6 °C in the cave, successfully creating a model of low-altitude snowmaking in the world.
    The connection point between the indoor snow lane and the outdoor snow lane in the departure hall of the ski resort is divided into two upper and lower floors. The basement of the departure hall consists of a reception hall, a refrigerating machine room, a transformer room, and an air-conditioning room. The reception hall is specially for trainers and visitors. The refrigeration room is the heart of the entire indoor snowway. It is specially designed to replace the traditional snowmaking technology with the sixth generation of “indoor distributed snowmaking system” independently developed by ES Ice and Snow. To achieve simulated natural snowfall, the snow conditions have reached the world-class professional skiing standards, ensuring that the indoor track maintains a constant temperature of -6 °C throughout the year, providing the best snow quality and venue for the athletes, and successfully creating the world's lowest snowfall. Create a model of low-altitude snowmaking in the world and help 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics!
All-weather Cross-country Ski Resort in North Mountain of Jilin City 4
    The variable electric machine room guarantees the power of the departure hall and provides power guarantee for the refrigerating machine room; the whole departure hall does not need heating, and the waste heat of the refrigerating machine room is heated by the air-conditioned machine room to heat the whole hall, so that it can reach the comfortable temperature of the human body. At the end of 2018, the State Sports General Administration sent an expert group to the scene to inspect the refrigeration, snowmaking and operation of the snow field, and highly praised and fully recognized the overall construction of the project.
All-weather Cross-country Ski Resort in North Mountain of Jilin City 5
    On the ground floor of the departure hall, there is a departure ski resort, a monitoring machine room and a snow-covered garage. The starting snow field connects the indoor snow road with the outdoor snow road, the floor is equipped with a cooling pipe, and there is an air conditioning unit above the air to ensure that the snow of the departure snow field meets the off-road requirement; there are 277 cameras in the indoor snow road, all connected with the monitoring machine room, monitoring The real-time situation of professional athletes trained in indoor snow trails and whether there is any injury during training can be called “outdoor eyes”; the width of the snow-covered garage door is 4 meters, ensuring that the snow-pressing car has a fixed stop, not Affect professional athlete training. It is reported that the snow trucks are all imported from Germany by environmentally friendly vehicles. Through the continuous cooling of the indoor professional snow roads, the snow snow trucks are used to complete the laying and compaction of all the bottom snow of the professional snow roads to meet the national team training standards.
All-weather Cross-country Ski Resort in North Mountain of Jilin City 6
    According to Feng Yuxin, the project investor and general manager of Wentou Jilin Sports Industry Investment Development Co., Ltd.: “The project was designed with the safety and comfort of the athletes in mind. The minimum turning radius of the snow road is 9 meters, ensuring that they are not Injured; professional snowy roads are equipped with professional facilities such as fire protection, fresh air, dehumidification, and snow making, which are much higher than European design standards; and the design of the shooting range and penalty circle ensures that athletes can reach actual combat training conditions."
All-weather Cross-country Ski Resort in North Mountain of Jilin City 7
    Prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympic National Cross Country Skiing Team Training Base, both professional and civilian
    Jilin Beishan Four Seasons Cross-country Ski Resort has 4 professional snow trails inside, which can accommodate 500 people at the same time. The trial operation began in early 2019. The professional cross-country ski team in Jilin City was invited to carry out the trial-slip training. The coaches and athletes were very satisfied with the snow quality, temperature, humidity, slope, camber and lighting on the track. They thought it was very close to the winter outdoor nature. snow Road. In January, in the winter camp organized by the State Sports General Administration, nearly 400 primary school students had experienced indoor skiing on the track, and the response was enthusiastic.
All-weather Cross-country Ski Resort in North Mountain of Jilin City 8
    The project is a key project of the State Sports General Administration to prepare for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. It provides four-day all-weather training venue services to the national training team. It can also receive training from provincial and municipal professional training teams, amateur teams and foreign teams. It is understood that since mid-April, the national cross-country ski team and other domestic and foreign teams will gradually enter the field to carry out professional training.
All-weather Cross-country Ski Resort in North Mountain of Jilin City 9
    “In the past, after the snow season, our athletes were replaced by pulleys. The national team and some provinces went to Europe to train. Now, athletes can train here, the cost can be saved by more than 50%, and the preparation is greatly increased. The time of the Olympic Games.” Liu Yijun said that from the perspective of long-term use, the ski resort must be the preferred venue for training of professional teams at home and abroad. The sports department will also arrange the use of the venue according to the principle of the priority of the Chinese national team.
All-weather Cross-country Ski Resort in North Mountain of Jilin City 10
    In addition to providing professional cross-country skiing training services, the 500-meter indoor public snow trail of the second phase of the ski resort and the four-year ice and snow experience hall covering an area of 1,500 square meters are under construction. At present, the people's track has completed the main frame work of the inner insulation layer and the snowmaking machinery room (four seasons ice and snow experience museum). It is expected to be completed next year, and the general public will also be able to enter the snow field to experience skiing.
All-weather Cross-country Ski Resort in North Mountain of Jilin City 11
    After the completion of the project, Jilin Beishan Four Seasons Cross-country Ski Resort will become the first in Asia and the fourth in the world after Finland, Sweden and Germany. It has an international standard all-weather standardized cross-country skiing training venue, which can realize the athletes without gaps throughout the year. Training, increase the training support and replenishment of Chinese athletes in cross-country skiing, biathlon and other sports training, greatly enhance the comprehensive strength of China's ice and snow sports, and also actively promote the attention of the whole people to ice and snow sports and 300 million people involved in ice and snow sports. 


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