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2019-02-20 17:34
    On the occasion of Sino-Finnish commemoration of the "2019 China-Finland Winter Sports Year", on December 10, Eternal Ice & Snow (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and the Finnish  ice and snow industry leading consulting company Granlund Group officially signed the strategy at the Finnish Embassy in China. The partnership agreement, the two parties in the form of cooperation and win-win, mutual promotion, and common development, through project development, technology sharing and other forms, in equipment manufacturing, project design and construction, venue operations, energy management, environmental control and other fields Orientation and deep cooperation provide better products and services for customers at home and abroad.
▲Jiang Jinggen, Executive Vice President of Eternal Ice & Snow, signed a strategic cooperation with Mr. Timo Ranne, representative of Granlund Group
    Mr. Su Haijun, the Finnish Ambassador to China, and a number of embassy officials responsible for economic and trade and winter sports, Jiang Jinggen, executive vice president of Eternal Ice & Snow, and Mr. Timo Ranne, representative of Granlund Group, attended the signing ceremony.
▲Mr. Su Haiyan, Ambassador of Finland to China, Mr. Jiang Jingen, Executive Vice President of Eternal Ice & Snow, Mr. Timo Ranne, etc.
    Ambassador Su Haiyan said: "Chinese President Xi Jinping and Finland together established the 2019 year of the Sino-Finnish Winter Sports Year when visiting Finland. We are very happy to see that more and more Finnish ice and snow companies are strengthening with Chinese partners. Cooperation. As one of the birthplaces of winter sports, Finland has a relatively mature and complete ice and snow industry chain. In many fields, Sino-Finnish enterprises can enhance mutual exchange and promote each other."
    Founded in 1960, the Finnish Granlund Group is Europe's leading consulting company and a well-known builder and operator in the global ice and snow industry. The Group's long-term focus on innovation and development covers architectural services design, real estate, energy and environment, and software professional services. With core technologies in energy optimization, the Group has successfully built a number of national key ice and snow venue projects in Finland, Germany, Sweden, Russia, China and other countries and regions to provide planning, investment consulting for different clients. Professional services for the whole industry chain of ice and snow projects such as operation management, energy management, snow making and ice making, and environmental management. Granlund has more than 900 professional employees worldwide and more than 20 branches, including the Shanghai office.
    Jiang Jingen, Executive Vice President of Eternal Ice & Snow, said: “This strategic cooperation with the Granlund Group is an important milestone in the implementation of the strategy of speeding up the globalization of Eternal Ice & Snow. It is well known that Finland is a strong country in the world of winter snow and snow, and the Granlund Group is a Finnish ice and snow enterprise. Outstanding representative, with over 50 years of experience in consulting, implementation, construction and management of large-scale winter snow sports projects. Through many contacts, we have found that both sides have a positive outlook on the Chinese market, technical ideas, and understanding of customers and markets. There are many common languages. We are very much looking forward to sharing resources and complementing each other through strategic cooperation between the two parties to provide better value and experience for our customers."
▲All parties share and discuss the development trend of Zhongfen ice and snow industry, technology and market
    Mr. Timo Ranne, representative of Granlund Group, expressed his appreciation and appreciation for Eternal Ice & Snow for sticking to the road of technological innovation for many years. He stressed that although China's ice and snow industry started late, it has broad prospects. The Beijing Winter Olympics is a major opportunity to accelerate the development of China's winter snow sports industry. Granlund Group has the world's leading ice and snow project design concept, operational experience and energy management and energy optimization innovation technology, and Eternal Ice & SnowIce and Snow as the leading enterprise in China's domestic ice and snow industry, has a deep understanding of the local market and customers, both sides can pass Constantly explore and create a new mode of cooperation between China and Finland in the field of ice and snow.
    After the signing ceremony, the parties discussed and discussed in depth the topics of Sino-Finnish ice and snow industry, technology, market development trends, and how to play a stable and sustainable strategic cooperation.


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