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Yan Qing District Party Secretary and District Mayor Mu Pengyi visited Eternal Ice & Snow Research

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2019-02-20 17:30
    In order to further implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and encourage the development of private enterprises with practical actions, recently, Beijing Yanqing District Party Secretary and District Mayor Mu Peng and his entourage visited Eternal Ice & Snow Enterprise Headquarters for on-the-spot investigation, on ice and snow industry, technology and market. The development trend, as well as Yanqing's further development of the ice and snow industry, and other in-depth exchanges with the senior executives of Eternal Ice & Snow Ice and Snow Company.
    At the Eternal Ice & Snow Ice and Snow Headquarters, Secretary Mu Peng and his party watched the latest panoramic VR ice and snow stadium display system developed by Eternal Ice & Snow, the sand table demonstration of the indoor ski resort, and the corporate brand history of Eternal Ice & Snow Ice and Snow for nearly 15 years, and listened carefully to Eternal Ice & Snow Ice and Snow Technology. Research and development of patents and key project construction achievements.
    In the discussion session, Jiang Jinggen, Executive Vice President of Eternal Ice & Snow, gave a comprehensive report on the development trend of the ice and snow industry and the independent research and development of innovative technologies. Secretary Mu Peng inquired in detail about the company's development strategy, the operation of the completed project, and the company's independent research and development technology investment. Secretary Mu said that the Beijing Winter Olympics is a major development opportunity for Yanqing. Yanqing has made the ice and snow sports industry a key green development in the region, and strives to make Yanqing a world-famous city of four seasons. At the same time, Yanqing is also constantly increasing its efforts to attract more ice and snow high-end equipment manufacturing, ice and snow science and technology companies to Yanqing entrepreneurship and development. Eternal Ice & Snow is one of the two companies that Mu Shuji and his party visited this time. Both companies are state and Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises and one of the most representative technology innovation companies in Beijing.
    "Through this survey, we hope to provide a better entrepreneurial environment for ice and snow technology companies to support and encourage more private enterprises to develop in Yanqing. We are looking forward to and welcome Mingxing Snow and Ice to fully utilize its technology in Ice and Snow. The advantages of the field, the introduction of relevant technology and industrial resources advantages into Yanqing, jointly promote the development of Yanqing's ice and snow industry," Mu said.
    Secretary Mu has given high marks to the historical opportunity of Beijing Winter Olympics, based on the market and carrying forward the spirit of seeking truth and innovation, and hopes that enterprises can firmly grasp the core competitiveness of independent research and development and strengthen the direction of scientific and technological innovation. The ice and snow industry has made greater contributions.
    In order to better serve private enterprises, Mu Peng also sent a tailor-made "key enterprise comprehensive service package" for Eternal Ice & Snow, and designated the relevant person in charge of Yanqing District as "service general manager" to provide "stars and ice" One-on-one precision service.
    (Secretary Mu Peng presented Eternal Ice & Snow “Key Enterprise Comprehensive Service Package””)
    During the talks, Mu Peng asked the responsible persons of relevant departments to improve the political position, thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and the package measures of the municipal party committee and municipal government to support and promote the development of the private economy and private enterprises, and create a good development for the enterprise. Business environment. We must pay close attention to the implementation of responsibilities, take the initiative to dock, strengthen communication, improve services, and effectively open up the "last mile" of services, and establish a new relationship between government and business. It is necessary to use the "service package" and "service stewardship" system to provide practical information, send information to the enterprise, send policies, send services, and send warmth. We sincerely help the enterprise solve practical problems and let the company develop without fear. It is necessary to give full play to the role of Zhongguancun Yanqing Park platform, scientifically integrate resources, strengthen overall coordination, and constantly stimulate the vitality of private enterprises.


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