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The two indoor ice and snow parks built by Eternal Ice & Snow won the “China Outstanding Indoor Park Award”

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2019-02-20 17:21
    Recently, the 2018 "Amusement Circle + Golden Crown Award" ceremony, sponsored by "Amusement World" magazine and co-organized by InterPark  magazine,was held in Guangzhou Changlong Hotel. The domestic and international amusement industry leaders gathered together to witness 13  outstanding annual supplies. The business and three annual outstanding paradise projects were grandly  announced. Among them, Harbin Wanda Maoyu Snow Park and Yinji  Ice World, built by Eternal Ice & Snow, have been screened by layers, as well as paradise, expert jury selection and online voting. They have won the “China Outstanding Indoor Park Award” in many outstanding paradise. Only five parks nationwide have won this award.
    Organized by the most authoritative and professional "Amusement World" magazine in the amusement industry, the "Amusement World Golden Crown Award" is one of the highest recognized awards in the amusement industry in China. It has been successfully held for three times since its inception in 2016 and has received a large investment. The support and affirmation of merchants, operators and suppliers has a wide reputation and influence in the industry. It aims to promote the advancement of China's amusement and entertainment industry through the selection activities and encourage advanced concepts and industrial upgrading of high-end quality, well-known brands, quality services, and innovative technologies.
    The 2018 "Amusement Circles and Golden Crown Awards" are divided into two major categories: Outstanding Suppliers and China's Outstanding Paradise. Nearly 500 participating companies compete in 26 awards. After nearly half a year of careful preparation, election screening, expert review and Online voting, and finally comprehensively approved 24 awards.
▲Ms. Zhang Li, Editor-in-Chief of "Amusement World"
    As a leading company in China's ice and snow industry, Eternal Ice & Snow Ice and Snow has been engaged in the ice and snow industry for 14 years. It is a pioneer and promoter of the localization of ice and snow equipment technology. It has participated in and witnessed the vigorous development of China's ice and snow industry, relying on international leading ice and snow technology and quality projects. Services, successfully designed and built more than 100 cases all over the world. In addition to the advanced technology independently developed, Eternal Ice & Snow also provides a first-class design and construction team, bringing new products to the public through professional craft design, reasonable scene design, unique landscape design, and personalized entertainment project design. The immersive ice culture experience. Harbin Wanda Maoyu Snow Park and Yinji Ice and Snow World, independently built by Eternal Ice & Snow, have emerged as the industry benchmark project in this authoritative evaluation, marking the important role and industry status of Eternal Ice & Snow Ice and Snow on the development of China's ice and snow stadium construction industry. 
    Appreciation of the winning projects: Harbin Sunshine Snow World
    Harbin Sunshine Snow World, located in Wanda City, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, looks like a gorgeous piano frame, with a building area of 80,000 square meters, a reception service area of 15,000 square meters, and a total of 65,000 square meters of recreational snow and ski areas. There are junior ski areas, middle and high-level ski areas and snow parks. It is a snow-and-snow-themed commercial complex integrating indoor skiing, snow, dining and sightseeing. It can also host large-scale professional sports events and meet different levels of customers. Demand and provide the best quality service. No matter from scale, number of snow lanes, length and vertical drop, it is completely beyond Dubai. It is a super long and large span structure. It was awarded the “Ginnis World Record Largest Indoor Skiing Facilities” certification in 2018. The maximum daily reception volume is 3,000 person-times. The reception can reach 1,500 people. From June 30, 2017 to July 15, 2018, a total of 360,000 people were received, creating a new record for the number of visitors to indoor ski resorts in China.
    Create the world's top indoor ice and snow sports experience with leading ice and snow technology and equipment
    The ski area has 6 high, medium and primary snow trails with a maximum drop of 80 meters, the longest snow road is 500 meters, the maximum slope is 25.4 degrees, the maximum height is 114.5 meters, and it can accommodate 3,000 people a day. The venue provides national skiers with personal guidance. To meet the different levels of skiing needs of tourists, play the songs of the four seasons of snow and snow, so that the general public can enjoy the skiing passion.
    The sixth generation of indoor distributed snowmaking system independently developed by Eternal Ice & Snow Ice and Snow is used in technology. The entire venue is equipped with 104 refrigeration equipment and 50 snow-making machines. The energy consumption is low and the snow quality is excellent. 5 °C environment; the uplink equipment is 6 magic carpets, 2 of which are imported magic carpets. It is the only overhead imported magic carpet in China. The hardware facilities and snow conditions provide the citizens with a top skiing experience.
    15,000 square super large entertainment snow area, diversified entertainment snow project to create a dreamlike fairy tale world
    The entertainment area is inspired by Nordic towns, dreamy snow castles, and a variety of recreational activities such as ice slides for kids, snow slides, snow tanks, snow flying saucers, bumper cars on ice, children's ski areas, etc. In addition, as well as a multi-functional zoning such as the Castle Café and the Peak Restaurant, which can be used for sightseeing and leisure, it provides one-stop quality service and is a good place for youth activities, family and friends travel, family and family fun.
    Appreciation of the winning projects: Silver Base Ice World
    Silver-based ice and snow world, located in Liuzhai Town, Xinmi City, Zhengzhou City, covers an area of 60 acres, with a total area of 26,000 square meters, with a total investment of 500 million yuan. It is built by Eternal Ice & Snow Ice and Snow, creating a 3000m2 dream ice lake and 360 meters of ice lake. Road, 542m2 entertainment snow area, with Christmas theme, white castle, snow cat town, Emerald Valley four theme scenes, eight play equipment and fourteen groups of rides, is the first ice rink in Asia, entertainment snow, play The project is a comprehensive indoor ice and snow theme parent-child park operated by the four seasons. The whole park is divided into upper and lower floors. The lower center is almost entirely covered by icy lakes. The upper playground is built around the ice lake. From the sky, the whole park seems to be built on the “family paradise on the icy lake”.
    Super large ice playground, fun and fun parent-child ice and snow time
    3000 meters dreamy ice lake, quiet and jade, crystal clear; 360 meters loop ice road, moving reindeer, wind and power. Take a ride on the sleds of Lasca, cross the colorful tunnels of the ice road, and enjoy the exotic scenery of the snow town. Eight major play equipment, fourteen sets of amusement projects, and a wonderful fairy tale interpretation, lead the children into the mysterious fairy tale world, follow the footsteps of the Snow Queen, and open the adventure of ice and snow with adventure and surprise.
    Enjoy a romantic ice-breaking area of minus ten degrees and enjoy the year-round chilling ice and snow experience
    The total area of the entertainment snow area is about 542m2. A snow slide and seven ice slides complement each other's vivid candy ice sculptures. This is a white world with snow and ice all year round. The cold is full of romantic and beautiful atmosphere, with the children. Arouse the interesting ice and snow experience.
    Global ice and ice food SNACK, open the top taste bud feast
    In addition to experiencing the wonderful and exciting snow and ice time, you can also enjoy different flavors of Chinese and Western food children's packages, family packages, music burgers, special snacks and other foods from all over the world, giving visitors a happy and enjoyable food trip. The taste buds feast, sharing the snow and ice carnival moments.
    With the approach of Beijing Winter Olympics, the state has continuously increased policy support for the ice and snow industry, and China's ice and snow industry has ushered in an unprecedented golden development period. As a leading enterprise in China's ice and snow industry, Eternal Ice & Snow actively responds to the policies and calls of the national “Northern Bingnan Exhibition Westward Expansion”, “300 million people on the ice and snow”, “ice and snow into the campus”, and is committed to innovation, energy saving, high efficiency and high Cost-effective products and services, oriented to the national strategic layout, to promote the ice and snow culture as a mission, to help 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, comprehensively promote the Chinese ice and snow industry to achieve leap-forward development.


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