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2019-02-19 16:01
  Fourteen years ago, mingxing snow & ice co., LTD., founded less than a year ago, developed China's first snow making machine, filling the gap of domestic brands in this field.In 2017, mingxing snow & ice even built the world's largest indoor ski resort, which was awarded the guinness world record.At this time, mingxing has become a leading enterprise in the whole industrial chain, which integrates research and development of snow and ice technology, design and construction of snow and ice stadiums, project operation, investment management, etc., especially the technical strength of indoor snow and ice projects, and even surpassed its counterparts from traditional European and American countries.Mingxing ice and snow has broken the international monopoly, won a number of domestic first, become the leader of ice and snow technology, how is it created?Mingxing people in the 15 years on the road to innovation and what kind of persistence?Coinciding with the 40 years of reform and opening up, from the perspective of independent research and development of the ice and snow industry, we interviewed jiang jingen, executive vice President of mingxing ice and snow, to explore how national enterprises can help China's ice and snow industry to go global by adhering to the "innovation" approach. 
  The power of dreams :to be the founder of ice and snow manufacturing technology 
  Jiang jingen says, do snow and ice research and development this matter, cannot leave the founder of Ming xing snow and ice li zixin.As a private entrepreneur with feelings, his dream for more than ten years is to replace and surpass the international counterparts with domestic ice and snow technology and products.Under his leadership, the founding team experienced countless days and nights of research and development and repeated debugging, and finally successfully developed China's first snowmaking machine in 2004, completely changing the past situation where imported products dominated the world.Since then, mingxing people did not meet the immediate these achievements, in 2005, mingxing snow and ice invested in the establishment of artificial snow laboratory, for the testing and research and development of the whole system of products, in 2006 indoor ski resort complete control system development completed.In 2007, mingxing ice and snow developed China's first snow machine...Every year, mingxing people are constantly innovating. 
  The development history of Eternal Ice and Snow is also a microcosm of Chinese private enterprises in the global tide, from scratch, through continuous independent innovation to catch up with international counterparts. In the following ten years, Eternal Ice and Snow has continuously improved the snowmaking technology. Its core indoor snowmaking distributed system, including snow quality, energy consumption, stability, and ease of handling, has reached the international leading level and successfully applied. A large number of domestic and foreign projects.
  So far, Eternal Ice and Snow has applied its core technology to more than 30 ice surface systems, more than 40 outdoor ski resorts, more than 50 indoor ice and snow worlds, and several domestic key ice and snow laboratories. The most successful case is the cooperation of Eternal Ice and Snow and Wanda, the development and construction of the world's largest indoor ski resort Harbin Wanda Mao Snow Park, with a total area of 80,000 square meters, equivalent to 9 football fields, can accommodate 3,000 people while skiing Indoor ski resort. According to statistics, Eternal Ice and Snow has a market share of 85% in the indoor ice and snow market. The promotion and application of indoor ice and snow technology makes skiing not only belong to the winter season, but also can play the song of the world of ice and snow all the year round, so that more snow lovers and families can enjoy the fun of snow and ice sports, which is also written The vision of the company of Eternal Ice and Snow.
  In the field of ice and snow arena, Eternal Ice and Snow has also become the contractor of the indoor snowmaking system of the relevant venues of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics through its professionalism. The company participated in the construction of the Jilin Beishan Indoor Four Seasons Ski Resort. This is a cross-country skiing training base specially built for the national cross-country skiing team to prepare for the Winter Olympics. It is also a major project of the Beijing Winter Olympics jointly organized by the State Sports General Administration and Jilin City. The project was rebuilt and expanded by the Civil Air Defense Building. It is the fourth and the most difficult four-way cross-country ski tunnel in Asia.
  Based on independent innovation, practicing the spirit of craftsman   
  After ten years of grinding a sword, reviewing the products and R&D of  Eternal Ice & Snow from scratch, from perfection to precision, from development to strength, we are more convinced that "creating value, there is a future", a product, a family The same is true for companies. It has been very difficult for Eternal Ice & Snow people in these fifteen years. During this period, we have experienced many hardships, pains and failures, but we still persisted. Eternal Ice & Snow people love snow and ice, and always have a dream, which is to fight for the development of China's ice and snow manufacturing industry. Helium.
  Next, Eternal Ice and Snow will continue to increase investment in ice and snow technology manufacturing and research and development. The Eternal Ice & Snow Tianjin plant with a total investment of more than 70 million will be completed and put into trial production in early 2019. After the completion of the project, it will become a first-class ice and snow equipment manufacturing base with full capacity, scale and technical level in Asia. 1000 sets of machines, 2000 sets of snow blowers and 1000 sets of indoor snow machines.
  In addition to technology and R&D, Eternal Ice & Snow will continue to strengthen its core competitiveness in product operations, consulting and design, talent, corporate governance, new business and new market expansion, and continue to create value for customers.
  Fifteen years of persistence in dreams, Eternal Ice & Snow has always been based on independent innovation, and strives for excellence in product research and development, planning and design, project construction, after-sales service, etc., and continues to win market and customer recognition. The fast-growing Chinese ski industry, Eternal Ice & Snow is an irreplaceable force, and the Eternal Ice & Snow people who have overcome difficulties will continue to create brilliance in the future!


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