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Li zixin attended the 14th Asia Pacific Snow Conference: independent technological innovation helps the layout of the snow industry

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2019-02-19 15:51
  On January 17, 2019, li zixin, general manager of mingxing snow & ice (Beijing) technology co., LTD, was invited to attend the 14th asia-pacific snow industry BBS, and delivered a keynote speech on "the important role of independent technological innovation in promoting the layout of China's snow & ice industry". 
▲li zixin,CEO/Chief Ice & snow System Designer
  The Asia Pacific Snow Conference (APSC) jointly launched by ISPO Beijing and ALPITEC CHINA has a history of 13 years. With the continuous development of CHINA's ice and Snow industry, APSC has witnessed the rapid growth of skiing enthusiasts and the huge market opportunities brought by CHINA's skiing economy.The BBS adhere to exploit the snow view, share experience at home and abroad of beginner's mind, promote the ski industry booming, guests from all areas of the industry at home and abroad hand in hand, share the latest industry the most hard dry, jointly explore the new thinking of industrial development, with "industry data, case sharing at home and abroad, ski resorts personalized operation, cross-border development" four carriages, pull the ski industry sustainable development in China, help the 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing to bring more business case analysis and solution. 
▲Activity site
  "ice industry independent research and development depends on the development of technology innovation" 
  Speaking on BBS, li zixin said: "over the past few years, China's ice and snow industry has ushered in a golden period of development with the stimulus of the 2022 Beijing winter Olympics and the popularity of winter sports.However, China's ice and snow industry started relatively late, and has initially formed an ice and snow industrial system based on the construction and operation of ice and snow venues, with ice and snow public recreation, fitness and competition performance as the core, driven by ice and snow sports tourism, and supported by ice and snow equipment manufacturing.Among them, the construction of ice and snow venues and the manufacturing of ice and snow equipment cannot be separated from the support of technology. Strengthening China's independent research and innovation of ice and snow technology is an important guarantee to promote the long-term development of China's ice and snow industry. 
  the earliest companies specializing  in ice & snow technology in China
  Li zixin, as a recognized expert of refrigeration and snow making in the field of ice and snow in China, vividly illustrated the important course and market influence of China's independent research and development of ice and snow technology by analyzing the core elements of independent technological innovation, comparing the advantages of independent research and development products and imported brands of mingxing and reviewing the research and development process of independent technology of ice and snow of mingxing.2004, Li Zixin successfully created the inscription star brand snow and ice, and start making snow in China equipment technology research and development, is the snow and ice equipment pioneers and promoters, lead the technical team created China's first snowmaking machine, the first snow machine, and so on more than ice and snow in the field of domestic first, broke the monopoly of the industry technology international, over the years with "science and technology, innovation" as the core lea
ding enterprise comprehensive development become the only company to provide full service in the industry of snow and ice domestic enterprises, is the earliest born in technology research and development of enterprises. 
  Independent research and development of snow core technology, leading the domestic industry forefront 
  In the speech, li zixin analyzed in detail the upgrading of China's indoor ski resorts in four different stages from the aspects of functions, technologies, snow quality and typical cases of the venues.Li Zixin also specifically said that in indoor snow technology, Ming star snow is domestic only has a complete independent intellectual property rights and core technology patents snow industry leading enterprises, has the world's top auto snowmaking system, comprehensive indicators to the successful completion of the project delivery, acceptance, and achieve energy saving up to 20%, significantly save operating costs, the patent technology keep ahead in the world, for the enterprise of the indoor ski slope to build business provides powerful hard power.
  As a ski resort town, ice and snow and ice and snow entertainment world design leading enterprise in the planning and construction of inscription star ice with global advanced industry technology, and abundant project construction management experience, has successfully built the world's largest wanda Harbin, indoor ski resort, built the 2022 winter Olympics in national cross-country ski team prepare for jilin baishan indoor cross-country ski resort and so on more than 100 snow and ice project of the four seasons, business all over the world, covering multiple ice town, more than 30 ice system, more than 40 outdoor ski resorts and more than 50 indoor ice world laboratories and multiple national snow and ice. 
  With cost-effective products, help the rapid development of the ice and snow industry 
  Li zixin especially emphasized that although the research and development of snow and ice technology in foreign countries is indeed relatively early and slightly dominant in industrial appearance, the snowfall technology independently developed by mingxing snow and ice has no obvious gap with that in foreign countries. Our technical products, especially indoor snow system, are among the best in the world.What's more, the price of our products is only two thirds of that of foreign countries.In addition, the inscription star also invested in 80 million the construction of one of Asia's biggest ice equipment manufacturing base - inscription star tianjin factory, ice and snow is expected within 2 years after the production can reach 1000 sets of production snowmaking machine, snow machine 2000 units, indoor snowmaking machine 1000 sets, will further reduce costs, improve quality, to better meet the market demand for high quality products at home and abroad, is to promote rapid development of China and the world of ice and snow industry important strength.Li zixin hopes that more national enterprises and people with lofty ideals can participate in the independent innovation of snow and ice equipment, break the monopoly of foreign snow and ice equipment in the Chinese market, and then go abroad. 
  After more than ten years of continuous exploration and research and development, the development of China's ice and snow technology is still in the primary stage, there is still a long way to go before it can reach the international top level.As the industry leader in snow and ice, inscription star snow will continue to strengthen international exchanges between ice and snow industry, to promote the globalization of industry cooperation, actively integrate international environment of independent research and development, deepen the innovation of the equipment manufacturing industry for the development of ice and snow, is committed to raise the proportion of ice and snow equipment localization, promote the quality of the international ice and snow equipment, first-class of snow and ice all industry chain services, mutual help ice industry realize the historic leap development in our country. 


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