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Ioc President Thomas Bach visited the world's largest indoor ski resort built by mingxing snow & ice.

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2019-02-19 15:45
  On January 28, 2019 by the international Olympic committee President, Mr Thomas Bach, members of the international Olympic committee yu, ling wei, zhang hong, honorary member of the international Olympic committee (ioc), timothy, director-general of the international Olympic committee, composed of a line of nine people such as cape a delegation from the international Olympic committee (ioc) for ice built by Ming star, "the world's largest indoor ski resort" - Harbin melting snow world, qing-wei zhang, secretary of provincial party committee, the state general administration of sports bureau chief GouZhongWen accompanied by inspection, etc. 
  In order to meet the needs of skiing function, Harbin rongchuang snow world adopts the curve shape of irregular flow lines, which looks like a gorgeous piano frame. The building area is 80,000 square meters, the reception service area is 15,000 square meters, and the entertainment snow and skiing area is 65,000 square meters.It has 6 ski slopes of different lengths and slopes, with a maximum drop of 80 meters, a maximum slope of 500 meters and a maximum slope of 25.4 degrees. It has a primary ski area, a middle and senior ski area and a snow park.Uplink equipment for 6 magic carpet, including 2 imported magic carpet, is currently the only overhead type imported magic carpet.Hardware facilities and snow quality conditions can not only meet the requirements of citizens and tourists at all levels of snow and ice sports, including alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding skills and other skiing and snow entertainment projects, but also can undertake large-scale professional sports events.
  No matter the size, number of runs, overall length, vertical drop is beyond dubai, belong to the super long span structure, and in 2018 won the "guinness world record for the biggest indoor ski facilities" certification, the biggest event 3000 person-time, instantaneous reception of up to 1500 people, opened on June 30, 2017 has received 530000 person-time, created the indoor ski resorts tourists track record in China.  
  As a ski resort town, ice and snow and ice and snow entertainment world global leader in the design in the planning and construction of inscription star snow and ice in the project of global public bidding, with rich experience in project, a large number of successful cases, the world's leading and the indoor snowmaking system with independent intellectual property rights and the high quality service system, etc., in competition with many international well-known manufacturers, picked up the world's largest indoor ski slope design and construction of the project.
  In the face of this unprecedented grand project, its technology is extremely difficult challenges, technology involved in building materials, design, construction method, automatic control and other aspects of innovation and challenge, in order to ensure the success of the project, the inscription star snow sent the best design team, technology and engineering construction, the independent research and development, technology leading international level "indoor distributed snowmaking system", equipped with 104 refrigeration equipment, 50 snowmaking machine, snow technology replaced the traditional system, simulating natural snow, types match completely natural types, snow snow hardware facilities and types conditions meet the national standard of professional sports, snow and praised by customers.  
  During the investigation, Mr. Bach personally experienced the snow world's hardware equipment and ski slopes, etc., and highly praised the snow making equipment, snow quality conditions and complete supporting facilities of Harbin rongchuang snow world. 
  When he met the skiers of the national team who are training here, Mr. Bach talked with them and asked them about their real experience of training here. He also encouraged the teenagers to take part in the ice and snow sports, train hard and participate in the winter Olympics as soon as possible. 
  Bach said that he was very glad to come to the core province of China's ice and snow sports. He felt warm from the hospitality of the people of heilongjiang and deeply felt the vigorous power of the future development of ice and snow sports in heilongjiang. 
  The visit of the international Olympic committee delegation is not only a recognition of Harbin suntron snow world, but also a full affirmation of mingxing snow and ice's international leading technology in the field of indoor ice and snow project construction.As the industry leader in snow and ice, inscription star snow will actively implement the general secretary xi about "three hundred million" people on the ice and snow sports work instructions, and constantly create and improve the development of ice and snow sports industry chain in China, is committed to innovation, energy saving, high efficiency, high cost performance products and services, to promote the ice and snow culture as the mission, and facing the whole country strategic layout, and constantly blaze new trails in China and the world of ice and snow sports industry operation development, boost the 2022 Beijing games are, let more people fall in love with snow and ice, participate in ice and snow, so as to realize healthy happy life! 


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