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Eternal Star ice & snow won the "2018 China construction engineering group science and technology award", and the industry technology reached the "international leading level"

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2019-02-19 15:35
  On September 13, 2018, Chinese construction group co., LTD. Held ceremoniously in Beijing the "2018 annual zhongjian group science and technology awards" judges, China state construction co., LTD., the chief engineer Mao Zhibing attended and was the director of the committee, member of Chinese academy of engineering Ye Keming, XiaoXuWen, jian-guo nie, qing-rui yue and other well-known experts in the industry are 15 to attend the meeting, among them, by building the bureau joint Ming star with snow and ice of the cold region large indoor ski slope key technology project in many eligible units awarded the science and technology awards, the overall achievements reached the international leading level.Recently, in recognition of the outstanding contributions made by relevant organizations and units in this award-winning project, China construction engineering group formally awarded Eternal Star ice & snow"2018 China construction engineering group science and technology award & first prize" honorary certificate, marking that Eternal Star ice & snow and ice industry technology innovation has reached the highest level of comprehensive appraisal of scientific and technological achievements in China. 
  Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC), the science and technology awards of China construction group have played an important role in the industry. Eight projects recommended by the science and technology awards of China construction group have won the national science and technology progress awards, including two first prizes.This year I have scientific and technological achievements in the distribution more uniform, in addition to housing construction area results continue to maintain industry leading advantage, infrastructure, green construction, intelligent building and building industrialization results in areas such as level have further enhance, judges through the defense, deliberation and voting, eventually named 45 achievement award science and technology awards.
  In the zhongjian group science and technology awards evaluation process, the cold region large indoor ski slope key technology project results in Harbin melt and complex cultural tourist industry - Harbin gen park project as a carrier (the former mau wanda Harbin), large indoor ski slope in cold region big difference, overloaded large-span, indoor environmental requirements higher characteristic, has carried on the system of technology research, for China's large indoor ice and snow in the future project construction provides a strong technical support.As a national high-tech enterprise in China's ice and snow industry, Eternal Star ice & snow and ice participated in the research and development of large space, large drop and multi-objective environmental construction technology and waste heat recovery technology of refrigeration system in the project results.The snow making equipment with separated cold source was developed, which realized low energy consumption, excellent snow quality and improved the environmental quality of the ski field. 
  "Cold region large indoor ski slope key technology" project results through high latitude DuDu large temperature difference areas of large indoor ski slope innovative application of key technologies, improve the domestic long-span steel structure, indoor ski slope, large complex construction level, as well as the international similar engineering and related technology development provides a new way of thinking.The achievement has obtained 12 authorized patents, including 5 professional invention patents and 7 utility model patents.4 provincial and ministerial-level construction methods;He has published 19 papers, including 13 in core journals.Relevant technologies have been successfully applied in yinji snow & ice world, guizhou guanling indoor ski resort and other projects, ensuring project quality and achieving remarkable comprehensive effects. 
  Eternal Star ice & snow, the leading company of ice and snow as snow and ice in China industry, deep snow and ice field 15 years, is the earliest born in technology research and development of enterprises, has created more than domestic first snow field, broke the ice technology of international monopoly, with independent research and development of the international advanced automatic snowmaking system, and its rich ski resort design and technology, the construction and operation management experience, has built the world's largest indoor ski resort - Harbin melts the snow world, Asia's first quarter cross-country ski resorts - four seasons of beishan cross-country skiing, silver ice world, guizhou composition indoor ski resort and so on more than 100 snow and ice project, business all over the world. 
  In order to further deepen the innovation of ice and snow the development of equipment manufacturing industry, raise the proportion of ice and snow equipment localization, the inscription star snow investment 80 million, Asia's largest ice and snow of the construction of the equipment manufacturing base - inscription star ice factory in tianjin will be formally put into production in the first half of 2019, the base is located in the sea of tranquility in tianjin economic development zone, covers an area of 33323.80 ㎡, is expected to achieve production two years 1000 snowmaking machines, snow machines, 2000 sets of indoor snowmaking machine 1000 sets, will better meet the needs of domestic and international market for high quality products and technology innovation to lead China's ice and snow industry towards the world.  
  Relying on the Beijing Winter Olympics games are an opportunity, inscription star snow will continue to take the initiative to practice independent research and development of international environment, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation and win-win, create cost-effective products, ice and snow positive response "north south exhibition westward", "snow and ice in three hundred million" national guidelines and policies, such as "scientific and technological innovation" as the core, to promote the rapid development of China's ice and snow industry comprehensively, boost the 2022 Beijing games are, build ice powers dream. 


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