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Plant Profile

Plant Profile

EternalStar lce & Snow

    ES’s plant in Tianjin is the largest ice & snow equipment manufacturing base in Asia. Located in Tianjin Jinghai Economic Development Zone, the base covers a floor area of 33,323.8 square meters and a net land area of 31,865 square meters. The construction work began in April, 2017 and is expected to be completed in May, 2018. The project will be put into operation on an experimental basis before it formally put into operation in  2019. After the completion of the base, the output of snowmaking machine will reach 1000 sets, snowing machine 2000 sets and indoor snowmaking machine 1000 sets within two years.

   We are committed to building the plant as a world-class R&D and manufacturing center in the ice & snow industry. Our vision is to further strengthen our competitive edge on global market through continuous technology innovation.。

   Engaged in the ice & snow industry for 14 years, ES is one of the earliest companies focused on R&D of ice & snow making technologies in China. As a witness to China’s snowmaking technologies from scratch, a pioneer and promoter of domestic production of ice & snow makers, we are one of the first to engage in technological R&D in this field, brought an end to foreign companies’ technological monopoly on snowmaking and usher the domestic industry into a new era. In terms of indoor snowing technologies, we are a leading company that has a complete set of intellectual properties and patented snowing technologies. Our state-of-the-art fully automatic snowmaking system, featuring low energy consumption, high quality output and excellent stability, can ensure projects are delivered to your satisfaction and significantly reduce operational cost, providing a strong support to construction of indoor ski resorts and making great contributions to rapid development of the industry in China.