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Eternal Star Ice & Snow(Beijing) Technology Ltd, Co. is a leading high tech enterprise in China's ice & snow industry. We specialize in building state-of-the-art winter sports resorts around the world. Our business ranges from R&D, equipment manufacturing, system integration, project design and deployment, operation as well as after-sale services for clients in different sectors.


After 16 years of rapid development, the company has developed a series of advanced patented technology applied in indoor skiing resorts , ice rinks, outdoor skiing resorts, high-precision indoor environment simulation and control, cryogenic refrigeration and refrigeration system assembly. We offer clients one-stop solutions including project feasibility evaluation, profit and loss analysis, technical consultation, project concept design, indoor landscape creation, mechanical & electronical process design, system integration, project deployment and project operation and management.


As a leading designer, planner and constructor of ski resorts, ice & snow towns and attractions, the company focuses on the ice & snow industry and has invested in and built over 20 high-profile winter sports facilities for commercial purpose, including the world’s largest and second largest indoor ski resorts. With constantly improved technologies and innovation, and a good track record in construction, we have so far successfully completed more than 200 projects in ski resorts and ice & snow attractions, such as Wanda Mall Snow Park in Harbin, the all-weather Cross-country Ski Resort in North Mountain of Jilin City (the training base of Chinese Cross-country Ski Team for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games), Changqing Indoor Ski Resort in Shijiazhuang (the training base of Chinese Ski Team for the Winter Olympics), Indoor Ski Hall of Jihua Park in Chongqing, Fairy Mountain Indoor Ski Resort in Chongqing, Romance Park Ice World in Sanya and ICE DOME in Thailand. With global business outreach, we have deployed 50+ ice surface systems, 50+ outdoor ski resorts, 100+ indoors ski resorts, 4 ice & snow towns, and at least 5 high-tech ice & snow research labs at State level for customers around the world.


EternalStar lce & Snow

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Invested in dozens of commercial ice and snow projects and large indoor ski resorts.

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